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Course Overview

1. Setup and operate the Arduino
2. Setup and configure the WAMP
3. Understand the basics of the WAMP used with the ARDUINO
4. Program the Arduino to get data from sensors
5. Program the Arduino to send data to the database


This class is designed for candidates interested in electronics along with computing. Given its low cost and small size, the Arduino also has many potential uses in real world applications. This class is designed to spur imagination through the exploration of the Arduino’s features and capabilities.


The labs for this class have been set up for easy to follow, step by step instructions. Therefore there are no prerequisites for the class. However, individuals that have some programming experience, and in particular C/C++ programming experience, will find the following lab instructions more straightforward.


Parts check
Lab Guidance
Resource Lists

Install the WAMP
Configure the Apache
Connect the MySqL database
Configure PhPmyAdmin

Arduino Cabling/Setup/Startup
Install the Arduino IDE
Connect the Boards and configure.
Set the breadboard
Connect the wires

Basic Programming of the Arduino
Hello World
Acquiring data from Sensor
Send data from sensor to local database

Control Peripherals with a Arduino
Control LEDs
Control Buzzer